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Niffler Plush Prototype
I saw Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them the other day, and absolutely loved the niffler in all of its cute antics collecting shinies. Upon getting home I looked online to see if a plush version exists, and was horrified to only find....a really ugly plastic toy. (Not the Funko Pop figurine.) I had to fix this, so I drafted a pattern and tested it out, and this was the result!

On the one hand, it looks like a platypus, but on the other, in the movie it looked very much like a mission accomplished? I may tweak the nose, I may not. For now I will keep grinning at my idea working out so well!
Milgasia Plush
As with the Zanaffar plush, between forever ago and now, I gained the ability to sew plush critters, so while watching Slayers Next for the first time in half a decade, I realized I could sew Milgasia! So I did, and he turned out pretty cute. I think he'll be happiest watching over my Slayers doujinshi for the time being, seeing as I am fresh out of Clair Bibles!

(I am sad I could only find the above image from the anime, which seems a crime, given how the internet has grown since I first watched Slayers....eighteen years ago?!? internet, you have failed me, and I didn't have time to dig out my Slayers Next books to scan something better. Bah.)
Zanaffar Plush
It's been years since I have watched the Slayers anime, so long that I have gained the ability to sew plush critters since 2010 (yuck! So long!) While watching Revolution the other week, I had a revelation that I could sew Zanaffar, as seen in the Revolution anime! (Don't talk to me about the first season. That was just the miasma from a defeated Zanaffar, and it wasn't accurate to the novel description at all.)

I have no silver fleece (I can't find any), and I didn't have any red cat eyes, but I'm happy with the pattern, anyway! Maybe if I ever do find the proper colors, I will finally have a truly perfect Zanaffar.
Drawing for fun! Alleanah the Brawler werewolf
What with caring for a baby, two cats, and managing a home, it's been forever since I've just drawn for fun. This of course struck me late last night, and I was tempted to draw at midnight, but rationality kicked in. I drew during my son's nap time instead, and thankfully he's slept for over two hours today!

The character depicted here is one of the children of an old D&D character of mine, Alya the werewolf bard. If you dig through my gallery, you can get the whole backstory on Alle (above) and her two brothers randomly springing into existence in my mind one day. A friend somewhat recently decided to run a game, and I decided to make a fun character, so with his permission, Alleanah (she prefers to be called "Alle") finally came in to being!

She takes after her father in that she's a lot more aggressive than her mother could ever be, but Alle just wants to get out into the world and find her place in it. Plus, she had it drilled into her never to bite a humanoid (no need to add more werewolves to the general populace that can't control their actions), so she took that as a challenge to see how well she can fight with just her bare fists! Sadly, no claws, as Pathfinder took away a werewolf's claw attack, but maybe it's just as well...

Drawn entirely with a tablet, from start to finish, so there's bound to be all sorts of anatomical issues with this, but again, I was drawing for fun. You even get to see some of my initial sketching because I managed to paint on the same layer, and I didn't want to go through all the trouble of fixing it. Ugh! Oh well, I had fun, so mission accomplished!
Special Request Osprey Plush
I actually made this a couple of months back, as a gift. The plush pictured was actually my prototype, but it turned out great the first time, so I didn't alter the pattern at all. How I wish that would happen more often! Aside from the HUGE wingspan making pictures a bit difficult, I was a bit sad to see this plush go. I really ought to start making bird plushes, or at least the fantastical version of birds. I'm not sure if I'll ever get around to it, but it would be fun to rework this pattern ever so slightly to make a certain Seattle football team mascot. Got to support the local team, right? ;) (Only one more hint: What is another name for an osprey?)
After weeks of planning, sketching and sewing, at last, my Etsy shop is up! I'll be posting my little fantasy plushies on here soon, but in the meantime, check out my shop:

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