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Dolphin Hand Puppet :iconichibanvictory:IchibanVictory 0 1 Corgi Plush :iconichibanvictory:IchibanVictory 4 0 Special Request Field Mouse Plush :iconichibanvictory:IchibanVictory 2 0 Special Request Trico Plush :iconichibanvictory:IchibanVictory 5 0 Ancient Armadillo or Glyptodon Plush :iconichibanvictory:IchibanVictory 2 0 Giant Sloth Plush :iconichibanvictory:IchibanVictory 0 0 Columbian Mammoth Plush :iconichibanvictory:IchibanVictory 1 0 Irish Elk or Megaloceros Plush :iconichibanvictory:IchibanVictory 1 3 Woolly Rhinoceros Plush FOR SALE :iconichibanvictory:IchibanVictory 2 0 Fire Ferret Plush Pattern :iconichibanvictory:IchibanVictory 2 5 Niffler Plush Prototype :iconichibanvictory:IchibanVictory 4 3 Milgasia Plush :iconichibanvictory:IchibanVictory 2 0 Zanaffar Plush :iconichibanvictory:IchibanVictory 4 2 Drawing for fun! Alleanah the Brawler werewolf :iconichibanvictory:IchibanVictory 1 5 Special Request Osprey Plush :iconichibanvictory:IchibanVictory 1 9 Gag Gift Quick Buck :iconichibanvictory:IchibanVictory 3 10


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Dolphin Hand Puppet
Friends are attending a convention this next week as characters from the television show, Archer (which I have never watched), but they lacked a dolphin hand puppet prop and asked if I could make one. Turns out, yes, I can! The picture isn't so great though, as when I took nice pictures of just the puppet, it looked lifeless. It looks better with a hand in it, so here's my hand in a dolphin hand puppet, making it look more lively, if a bit blurry. (I have short arms..)

Archer image courtesy of my son somehow saving the image to my computer when I wasn't looking, but it was exactly the right image to show why I made this, so there you go. Crazy not-yet-two-year-old is smarter than he ought to be!
Corgi Plush
I've thrown myself into plush creating, lately, apparently, most likely as a way to cope with the sudden loss of my cat, Lincoln. (He was only six.) After I shared the field mouse plush on the social media (blargh!), an old coworker asked if I could make a plush of her pet Corgi. What you see above is actually the plush version of her dog, as I first had to test the pattern to make sure it would work, but the prototype has been adopted by my son, so it got a loving home after all. ;) It's not easy to see when the plush stands alone, but it actually has shorter legs than my regular plush creations. Poor stumpy herding dog!

I'm pretty happy with how this turned out, but I'm not sure if I would actually sell these, as they don't exactly fit into my current Etsy offerings. Forever ago a friend told me I ought to sew and sell animal companions...maybe I ought to do just that!
Special Request Field Mouse Plush
Certainly not something I would have ever thought to make myself, but when a friend asked if I could make him a field mouse plush, I couldn't just say no! So, here it is, and it turned out pretty adorable. This is the first plush I ever gave whiskers to, and once I gain some more skill doing it, I would like to add whiskers to more plush creations.

I only have two regrets:

1) That I didn't think to take better pictures before gifting this to said friend, as these are ripped right from my phone, showcasing my terrible kitchen countertop. (So yellow!)

2) That my cat, Lincoln, never got to see this, as he loved attacking mouse toys, and I always meant to make one for him. We lost him suddenly a few weeks ago to what I can only figure was a genetic failing, but we miss him terribly. Ralph, for his part, sniffed at the plush, then was happy to ignore it.
Special Request Trico Plush
I had a special request to recolor my gryphon plush to look like Trico, the giant gryphon-like companion in the PS4 game, The Last Guardian, but that wasn't good enough for me! I decided to make a plush version of Trico, which is saying something, as I haven't even played the game. (I just watched a play through online...) It actually turned out pretty well, considering how simplified it is now, and is the second plush I have ever given whiskers to! Sadly, I didn't have black nylon thread on hand, but oh well. :)
Ancient Armadillo or Glyptodon Plush
This was another friend's request when I started plushifying Mega Fauna, and I regret to say I wasn't really aware of Glyptodon before his request. That has since been amended, and it was fun to make a plush "tank", so to speak. Still kind of weird/cool to think of man finding their shells and using them as shelter.

You can find this not-so large Glyptodon and other Mega Fauna on my Etsy shop!
After weeks of planning, sketching and sewing, at last, my Etsy shop is up! I'll be posting my little fantasy plushies on here soon, but in the meantime, check out my shop:

Diane's Dungeon
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